The many advantages of porcelain kitchenware

As porcelain was first invented in China, it has informally come to be known as ‘fine china’ or ‘china’. It is one of the finest and most elegant raw materials and is sometimes referred to as “White Gold”. This fine ceramic material can be applied to various uses.

Whenever one thinks of porcelain, fine vases, dishes, and figurines come into one’s mind. Apart from these, it is also widely used in making decorative kitchenware stores in Singapore. The excellent craftsmanship to make such beautiful wares makes them edgy and unique. The finer the china, the expensive the product becomes. But in general, it is a complete value for money. Some of its properties such as strength, elasticity, permeability, and translucency make it a very durable kitchenware. Other than these, they are also popular because of the following reasons.

Light weight

These porcelain made utensils are light weight as they are heated at very high temperatures and can be used conveniently.

Durable and heat resistant

While making porcelain from white kaolin clay, it is heated to a very high temperature which makes it microwave safe and also makes the surface smooth and glass like.

Prevents sticking

The long lasting nonstick surface prevents the food from sticking to the surface of the porcelain pan.

Scratch resistant

As these are highly baked, they become scratch free.

Colorful products

The traditional black cast iron sets have now been replaced by the attractive and sturdy porcelain. Porcelain or china sets have become very common and these come in an array of colorful and vibrant designs.

Give our kitchen – a complete makeover

With such beautiful kitchenware on board, we can give our kitchen an entirely different look. Porcelain made kitchenware not just only gives an aesthetic appearance, but using such wares can have numerous benefits.

Porcelain kitchenware was widely popular since it was first founded but owning it was a mark of aristocracy. But with changing times, many stores have come to the fore offering porcelain wares at very affordable prices.

4 Benefits of commercial kitchen equipment maintenance

Most commercial kitchens are packed with different kinds of equipment and supplies. From the ovens to the fryers, every appliance plays a vital part in the operation of a restaurant. If a single piece fails, it can halt our staff’s ability to make quality food. Commercial kitchen equipment maintenance must keep our appliances in the best shape possible and reduce the risk of breakdowns.

Our restaurant depends on our ability to maintain efficient cooking appliances. To prevent issues, we should have a commercial kitchen equipment maintenance schedule established. Here are four benefits of keeping up with an equipment maintenance schedule.

Prevent expensive breakdowns

When our restaurant equipment fails, the cost of repairs is only part of the expenses we will incur. We can also lose time and customers. Losing customers will cause us to lose money in the long run. Although equipment breakdowns happen unexpectedly, preventative maintenance can minimize the risk of getting caught in a dinner rush with a broken oven.

Prolong the life of our commercial kitchen equipment

Purchasing commercial kitchen equipment is an investment. We want to get as many years out of this investment as possible. Regularly having our appliances serviced and tuned by a professional will increase the lifespan of our commercial kitchen equipment.

Improve efficiency

Many appliances within a commercial kitchen use water. If our commercial kitchen equipment is not adequately cleaned and de-limed, it will not function efficiently. Drain lines can also become clogged with debris. Burners acquire grease buildup, which compromises their efficiency. Consider scheduling regular preventative maintenance to keep all of our appliances clean and running efficiently.

Keep our equipment clean

Serving delicious food is important, but it just as important to ensure the food you serve is safe to eat. If our commercial kitchen equipment is not properly maintained, it can become dirty and covered with harmful bacteria. The exterior parts of many appliances are rather easy to keep clean, but the internal parts can be tricky to access. We should create a maintenance schedule with professional technicians to ensure that the internal parts are cleaned regularly. To find out more about our Japanese tableware in Singapore click here.


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