The pros and cons of airbrush makeup

Makeup artist in Singapore is extraordinarily famous in the world of modeling and movies and has also won recognition with brides. Here are some of the pros and cons:


All day stay

Most airbrushed makeup is silicone based totally, which means it lasts longer and is more waterproof than regular makeup. It may be capable of face up to most of the hugging and kissing in order to necessarily show up at some stage on the marriage day.

Flawless end

Airbrushing allows for makeup to be carried out lightly, developing an impeccably smooth finish—best for the masses of photographs that we can be taking all day.

 Minimal makeup

Airbrushing calls for fewer products for extra insurance. Because of the spray method utility manner, a minimal amount of makeup goes a long way.

 Easy to layer

Since we are able to practice airbrush makeup in any such fine layer, it dries excellent quick, so we can add extra layers for coverage if we want.

Hairstyling to match

Just as we want our dress and makeup to come off without a hitch, our hair is our crowning glory for the day. Whether or not we have a veil, we can do our hair at the same time as our makeup applications, ensuring that the looks complement each other. Plus, that is one less person we need to worry about hiring for our wedding.


Can be flaky

Airbrush makeup is exceptional on moisturized, hydrated pores and skin, but if our skin has a tendency to be on the drier facet, the spray-on product may additionally start to flake. Since the formulation is water-resistant, the consistency is lots less creamy than conventional foundation.

Hard to re-combo

If we do grow to be crying and our makeup streaks, it is miles difficult to fill in the streaks with greater airbrushing or maybe ordinary makeup, making it tougher to recreate our authentic, faultless look. However, if it is miles carried out and dries well, then this need to not be an issue.

Limited shade alternatives

The kind of basic method used with an airbrush is distinctive than regular basis, and there is an extra limited choice of shades and brands to choose from. We may find that our pores and skin suits better with conventional basis.

 More highly-priced

For most makeup artists, airbrush is considered an upload-on and generally greater highly-priced than an ordinary makeup utility. So if we are making plans to pay for our bridal wedding celebration’s offerings, airbrush would not be as fee powerful. But if we are curious approximately attempting airbrush, ask approximately it at some point of our makeup trial—it is the right time to attempt it out to see if we love it earlier than spending the more money on the day of.

Ultimately, we want to look and feel like the prettiest version of ourselves on our wedding day, so definitely consult our makeup artist to see what he or she recommends for us. To find out more about our makeup artist course in Singapore click here.


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