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The pros and cons of the artificial or real wedding flowers

 How realistic artificial wedding flowers?

If we opt for a quality florist, like silk blooms, then we are guaranteed our florist will take pride in her work and aim to maximize the realism of our church wedding flower Singapore. There are so many different grades of flower on the market ranging from low quality to premium quality flowers. We never use low-grade flowers.

Artistic detailing and creativity with wedding flowers

Real flowers are very sensitive and really, really delicate. Some can be so fragile that they are near impossible to work into bouquets. Real flowers by their very nature are brittle and prone to collapse. It is difficult, therefore, to be creative with real flowers and add embellishments and crystals without bruising, damaging and de-heading them. Artificial flowers lend themselves much more readily to artistic creation.

Imperfection in fresh flowers

Like anything in nature, there can be imperfections. Real flowers vary in shade from season to season and from stem to stem. Our florist cannot guarantee real flowers will give the colour we anticipated and quite often they do not. Moreover, real flowers can be mis-shaped and flawed. They can even be distorted and full of veins and splits. We do not get this with manmade flowers as they are free of Mother Nature’s accidental flaws.

Lifespan, durability, and preservation of our wedding flowers

Something else to consider with artificial wedding flowers is their lifespan and durability. As previously mentioned, artificial flowers last forever. They would not wilt and they won’t die. We can take delivery well in advance of our wedding and we can keep them forever after as a keepsake. If stored properly, they can be kept indefinitely. This is a clear advantage for the sentimental bride who wishes to forever preserve her bridal bouquets.

Seasonal advantages of artificial wedding flowers

Artificial flowers are not seasonal; we can have our favourite flowers all year round. Available in a vast array of colours and always in the season we can have virtually any flower in any color at any time of year. Unlike fresh flowers, they are always in season. Out-of-season flowers are no longer an issue; we can be guaranteed our favourite flowers and a perfect match to our colour scheme, from January to December.

Lightweight artificial flowers for the wedding abroad

Artificial flowers are real, really light so carrying them is completely effortless. We would not feel burdened by them on our wedding day! Unlike fresh flowers, with heavy water content, artificial flowers weight practically nothing.


It seems when we weigh up the pros and cons of real flowers versus artificial flowers, we may wonder why we even considered real flowers in the first place. As a designer of artificial wedding flowers, we can see why they are taking center stage, particularly over the winter months when some popular fresh flowers are not widely available. Even though they do not have the same scents and delicateness of real flowers, artificial flowers last forever, so the bride can have a lasting momentum of her day.

We hope we have helped in your choice among fresh or artificial flowers. For more details, you can check our page at bridal bouquet Singapore.

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